Is there anyone buying precious jewellery on the Internet?

She set up the online jewelry platform to help customers find rare old items on the market. In 2012, Dalia Oberlander ran countless home stores to help her friends find a Cartire ring that was launched in 1950s. The jewellers asked many more: “the cost of time is too much.”

In addition, because of the product attributes, even for the older age group of “aunty” jewelry brand, naturally with a “gold key birth” of the superiority: platinum, diamond, jade jewelry often thousands of prices, originally with the public to hold a certain distance. Brands also seem to enjoy and deliberately create the illusion of “unattainable” – and at the same time, bring a certain sense of pressure to customers who are initially exposed to such products.

As for the jewelry brand itself, they are usually more willing to let their own jewelry appear in high-end luxury goods periodicals, or accompany stars to all kinds of red carpet, and even witness a certain century of love. In terms of store design and service for end-users, we will not give up our stature of excellence. But for the first-time customers, physical store consumption is not as good as it might seem.

Things you can not do about jewellery care

These jewels should be brilliant on their body, but they are not easy to keep in their daily wear. Many people see the beautiful and charming diamonds, and they can’t help but touch the surface of their hands, which can actually affect the gloss and brightness of the diamonds.

In the human body, sweat and oil are excreted on the surface of the skin from time to time. Hand is the most easy to touch the body part, so the oil on the skin is often contaminated on the surface of the hand. When touching this kind of gemstones with hand, the oil on the hand is easy to stay on it, which affects the luster and brightness of the gem. In particular, diamonds are oil-based gemstones, which are easily stained with oil and greatly affect the luster. But jade and other jade belong to aggregate structure, often touch it can make the jade more moist and lovely.

Some people wear several times after the Pearl want to clean and maintenance, but do not know that the use of tap water for short cleaning of jewellery has little impact, but if used to soak pearls, it is absolutely impossible. Because chlorine in tap water will damage the luster of pearl surface, the mineral water should be the best for soaking the Pearl. In addition, it should be cleaned and stored in a cool and ventilated place when not worn.

Jewellery industry in China

With the rise of high-end personalization and customization of jewelry, the value of design is more prominent. More than 40 top independent jewelry designers from all over the country will join hands to launch the 2016 independent jewelry designer senior jewelry art exhibition. Most of their works are full of humanistic feelings and unique design vocabulary. Whether it is the bold use of the material, or the new technology, they open up themselves, dare to express and try.

Among these jewelry designers, there are not only designers from local design colleges and universities, but also a large number of outstanding students from overseas schools, professional learning background and the cultural influence of Western learning, which give young jewelry designers the motivation and determination to challenge themselves constantly. These independent designers, who are in the starting and pioneering stage, constantly explore the direction of design and the right to speak their own style in the conflict and intersection of Commerce and art.

It is reported that for the exhibition, many designers have spent nearly a year to prepare their works carefully, and believe that it will bring you an emotional and spiritual experience that transcends jewellery.

A survey of the jewellery market in China

The modern Chinese jewelry industry originated in the mid 1980s. Benefiting from the continuous and rapid growth of the national economy after the reform and opening up, the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and the continuous improvement of the industrial policy environment, China’s jewelry industry has developed rapidly, but it has been among the most important jewelry consumer markets in the world. Many important jewelry products, such as gold, diamonds, and Bao Yu, have been among the most important products in the world. Stone consumption ranks first in the world and has become one of the most important jewelry processing centers in the world. In 2013, the jewelry market in the mainland of China sold 470 billion yuan, more than 30% of the global jewelry market and about 50 billion US dollars in processing exports.

China’s jewelry industry has also played an active role in increasing employment and expanding domestic demand. Up to now, China’s jewelry industry has 24 jewelry and jade jewelry industry base and a number of jewellery industry clusters, with a total of nearly 6 thousands of jewellery enterprises and nearly 4 million employees, of which more than 1 million people are employed.

At present, China’s jewelry industry is developing from a fast growing stage to a mature stage. The industrial chain is improving day by day, the consumption market is steadily expanding, the industry development is gradually standardized, the workforce is expanding day by day, and the quality of personnel is constantly improving.

5 things you should bear in mind before buying jewellery

It is a romantic dream for every woman to have a heart of jewelry. Buying cheap jewelry will give every woman a surge of emotion. However, there are some things that guide you will not tell you in the jewelry store where you are wasting your eyes.

Many people feel that the jewelry I bought at such a high price should belong to the “three package” range, and can be returned and exchanged at any time. In fact, jewelry and other commodities are different. They can not be changed at any time. Only a few cities have issued the “Three Guarantees” policy for jewelry. In general, with precious metal gold jewelry as an example, if the jewelry sold and sold is to be changed, they should be depreciated according to the old jewellery, deduct the depreciation fee, and then replace them.

Jewelry stores often hear shopping guides and consumers say that buying gold jewelry is good, keeping value equal to saving money. In fact, gold jewelry is not the same as gold. It contains many ingredients such as raw materials, technology, manpower cost and so on. When the price of gold goes up, the gold price of jewellery will go up immediately; and when the price of gold falls, the jeweller tends not to downgrade the gold price of jewellery in order to win the profit, but it will lag much. Therefore, gold jewelry is only suitable for wear or collection, and can not be regarded as investment.

Jewellery is a kind of luxury item

Some consumers are careful when choosing jewelry, lest they buy jewelry with a hint of impurities or tiny cracks inside. In fact, real natural jewellery will inevitably have such or slight defects, so long as it does not affect the external beauty of jewelry, it is not a big problem. Such as emerald, it is almost impossible to buy without a slightest crack or bag; some jewellery is more expensive because of its beautiful inclusions, such as turquoise, water grass agate and so on.

In the eyes of ordinary people, jewelry is a luxury. People who have no economic ability can not afford it. In fact, jewelry has high, middle and low grades, and the price difference is very big. The jewelry market in China still is still in the middle and low grade jewelry consumption, and the individual can buy the appropriate jewelry according to its own economic strength.

Some consumers do not understand the real value of some jewelry, and often want to buy high-quality jewellery at a lower price. This is actually impossible. Some businessmen are using the consumer’s mentality to sell fake and shoddy goods at a low price, so when they buy jewelry, they must buy a reputable jewelry company. The most important thing is to buy a jewellery without being greedy.

The development trend of luxury brand in jewellery industry

For jewellery enterprises, the stronger the financial strength and the reputation of the brand, the more direct the increase in product sales, which will bring the market share to the well-known brand, and increase the concentration of the industry.

China’s jewelry market is gradually moving towards a refined development path, began to continue market segmentation. From the point of view of product classification, jewelry market has formed the subdivision market of precious metal jewelry, mosaic jewelry, jade, popular ornaments and other ornaments. From the point of view of product quality, the jewelry market has formed a subdivision market, such as low grade, middle grade, high grade, luxury goods and so on. There are differences in economic level, cultural background and consumption habits. The regionalization of jewelry consumption is obvious, forming some regional jewelry brands.

Under normal circumstances, jewelry enterprises follow the endogenous development mode, that is, rely on their limited resources and capabilities to grow and achieve stable rolling development. However, because the jewellery industry is facing the explosive demand of the market, many jewellery enterprises, in order to adapt to the needs of rapidly expanding market demand and consumption upgrading, will take the way of listing in the capital market, developing market and merger with other enterprises to achieve leapfrog development.

Lead the new trend of jewellery industry

Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and the transformation of the consumption concept, great changes have taken place in the market, price trend and style of the domestic jewelry market. Jewelry market market competition is more intense, each industry is easy to fall into the competition of product homogenization, the search for differentiation becomes more and more difficult, the jewelry industry is also the same.

In response to this situation, the Shanghai jade carving art center jumped out of the product itself to think, compared with the psychological pleasures and satisfaction, the consumer’s functional demand for jewellery or the most primitive demand, based on the deep psychological needs of the consumers, committed to the style of jewellery and the style of the customer. Perfect matching to meet their needs for jewelry matching under different scenarios.

If jewelry companies want to break through in the market, they must start with added value, because additional value will make consumers feel value for money. Shanghai jade sculpture center in the design of the product, the integration of some new elements, played an unexpected effect, so that the enterprise can also stand out in the fierce competition, to find a new market.