The development trend of luxury brand in jewellery industry

For jewellery enterprises, the stronger the financial strength and the reputation of the brand, the more direct the increase in product sales, which will bring the market share to the well-known brand, and increase the concentration of the industry.

China’s jewelry market is gradually moving towards a refined development path, began to continue market segmentation. From the point of view of product classification, jewelry market has formed the subdivision market of precious metal jewelry, mosaic jewelry, jade, popular ornaments and other ornaments. From the point of view of product quality, the jewelry market has formed a subdivision market, such as low grade, middle grade, high grade, luxury goods and so on. There are differences in economic level, cultural background and consumption habits. The regionalization of jewelry consumption is obvious, forming some regional jewelry brands.

Under normal circumstances, jewelry enterprises follow the endogenous development mode, that is, rely on their limited resources and capabilities to grow and achieve stable rolling development. However, because the jewellery industry is facing the explosive demand of the market, many jewellery enterprises, in order to adapt to the needs of rapidly expanding market demand and consumption upgrading, will take the way of listing in the capital market, developing market and merger with other enterprises to achieve leapfrog development.

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