Jewellery is a kind of luxury item

Some consumers are careful when choosing jewelry, lest they buy jewelry with a hint of impurities or tiny cracks inside. In fact, real natural jewellery will inevitably have such or slight defects, so long as it does not affect the external beauty of jewelry, it is not a big problem. Such as emerald, it is almost impossible to buy without a slightest crack or bag; some jewellery is more expensive because of its beautiful inclusions, such as turquoise, water grass agate and so on.

In the eyes of ordinary people, jewelry is a luxury. People who have no economic ability can not afford it. In fact, jewelry has high, middle and low grades, and the price difference is very big. The jewelry market in China still is still in the middle and low grade jewelry consumption, and the individual can buy the appropriate jewelry according to its own economic strength.

Some consumers do not understand the real value of some jewelry, and often want to buy high-quality jewellery at a lower price. This is actually impossible. Some businessmen are using the consumer’s mentality to sell fake and shoddy goods at a low price, so when they buy jewelry, they must buy a reputable jewelry company. The most important thing is to buy a jewellery without being greedy.