5 things you should bear in mind before buying jewellery

It is a romantic dream for every woman to have a heart of jewelry. Buying cheap jewelry will give every woman a surge of emotion. However, there are some things that guide you will not tell you in the jewelry store where you are wasting your eyes.

Many people feel that the jewelry I bought at such a high price should belong to the “three package” range, and can be returned and exchanged at any time. In fact, jewelry and other commodities are different. They can not be changed at any time. Only a few cities have issued the “Three Guarantees” policy for jewelry. In general, with precious metal gold jewelry as an example, if the jewelry sold and sold is to be changed, they should be depreciated according to the old jewellery, deduct the depreciation fee, and then replace them.

Jewelry stores often hear shopping guides and consumers say that buying gold jewelry is good, keeping value equal to saving money. In fact, gold jewelry is not the same as gold. It contains many ingredients such as raw materials, technology, manpower cost and so on. When the price of gold goes up, the gold price of jewellery will go up immediately; and when the price of gold falls, the jeweller tends not to downgrade the gold price of jewellery in order to win the profit, but it will lag much. Therefore, gold jewelry is only suitable for wear or collection, and can not be regarded as investment.