Things you can not do about jewellery care

These jewels should be brilliant on their body, but they are not easy to keep in their daily wear. Many people see the beautiful and charming diamonds, and they can’t help but touch the surface of their hands, which can actually affect the gloss and brightness of the diamonds.

In the human body, sweat and oil are excreted on the surface of the skin from time to time. Hand is the most easy to touch the body part, so the oil on the skin is often contaminated on the surface of the hand. When touching this kind of gemstones with hand, the oil on the hand is easy to stay on it, which affects the luster and brightness of the gem. In particular, diamonds are oil-based gemstones, which are easily stained with oil and greatly affect the luster. But jade and other jade belong to aggregate structure, often touch it can make the jade more moist and lovely.

Some people wear several times after the Pearl want to clean and maintenance, but do not know that the use of tap water for short cleaning of jewellery has little impact, but if used to soak pearls, it is absolutely impossible. Because chlorine in tap water will damage the luster of pearl surface, the mineral water should be the best for soaking the Pearl. In addition, it should be cleaned and stored in a cool and ventilated place when not worn.