Is there anyone buying precious jewellery on the Internet?

She set up the online jewelry platform to help customers find rare old items on the market. In 2012, Dalia Oberlander ran countless home stores to help her friends find a Cartire ring that was launched in 1950s. The jewellers asked many more: “the cost of time is too much.”

In addition, because of the product attributes, even for the older age group of “aunty” jewelry brand, naturally with a “gold key birth” of the superiority: platinum, diamond, jade jewelry often thousands of prices, originally with the public to hold a certain distance. Brands also seem to enjoy and deliberately create the illusion of “unattainable” – and at the same time, bring a certain sense of pressure to customers who are initially exposed to such products.

As for the jewelry brand itself, they are usually more willing to let their own jewelry appear in high-end luxury goods periodicals, or accompany stars to all kinds of red carpet, and even witness a certain century of love. In terms of store design and service for end-users, we will not give up our stature of excellence. But for the first-time customers, physical store consumption is not as good as it might seem.