Jewellery industry in China

With the rise of high-end personalization and customization of jewelry, the value of design is more prominent. More than 40 top independent jewelry designers from all over the country will join hands to launch the 2016 independent jewelry designer senior jewelry art exhibition. Most of their works are full of humanistic feelings and unique design vocabulary. Whether it is the bold use of the material, or the new technology, they open up themselves, dare to express and try.

Among these jewelry designers, there are not only designers from local design colleges and universities, but also a large number of outstanding students from overseas schools, professional learning background and the cultural influence of Western learning, which give young jewelry designers the motivation and determination to challenge themselves constantly. These independent designers, who are in the starting and pioneering stage, constantly explore the direction of design and the right to speak their own style in the conflict and intersection of Commerce and art.

It is reported that for the exhibition, many designers have spent nearly a year to prepare their works carefully, and believe that it will bring you an emotional and spiritual experience that transcends jewellery.

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